Monday, April 27, 2009


What I have to write about has nothing to do with scooters, but I though that it was really funny that it gives some examples of what you can title your post at the bottom. The suggestions it gives you are scooters, vacation, and fall; I thought scooters was definitely the most random so I took them up on it.
I haven't written anything in quite sometime. I'm not as diligent or creative with my blog as Debbie and the Kansans are. That sounds like some old band or something haha. But anywho, we just went to Carlens graduation ceremony last Friday, we meaning mom, dad, deb, nick, and Carlen's family. It was great meshing the two families together again and seeing Carlen recieve his Diploma. It was a truly happy day seeing my husband finish his Bachelors and just having all the family there for him. I will post pictures of the graduation at a later date. I never have the right USB cords with me at work.
I am six months along now! I haven't been sick since the first trimester yay!!! The other joys of pregnancy have caught up with me though. Heartburn, Lower back pain, frequent going to the bathroomness, uncomfortable sleep, short fuse. But oh well, I'm just very very lucky that I don't have 9 months of nausea, kutos to those women who have to go through that. Jade Elizabeth is kicking and squirming everyday now. Today I'm going with Deb and Mom to register for my baby shower which is on May 30th! I'm very excited to finally go look at miniature human things! It will make everything seem more real and not just like it's been feeling; me getting a huge belly with a mind of its own.
I realize that our blog would be a lot more interesting with pictures so I promise I will put some up. That won't happen for a few more days, but they will be here I assure you.

Oh one last thing, who else is excited for X-Men Origins coming out this Friday!?! I know I am!!!


Debbie said...

I'm excited to look at mini human things too! haha that part made me laugh. :)

Strong and determined said...

Ness - pictures...where are the pictures? We want to see your cute pregnant belly! :)