Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well Carlen graduated a few weeks ago Yay!!! He is now looking for a full time job and that is going to be wonderful! We have been living off of my income for quite a few months now and it's pretty difficult.
I am now 3 months pregnant and getting out of the quesy zone hopefully. We got to listen to the babies heart beat at my last appointment and it was so loud. He or she kept kicking too! I didn't know they could kick when they were the size of a bean! Well I'm excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl in a couple months and of course I will let all of you know. We think it's going to be a girl but you never know.
I've gotten a lot farther on my book and hope to have it finished in a year. Realistically probably in 2 years. My dream is to get it published, just because i'm going to be a stay at home mom doesn't mean I can't do anything else or follow other dreams that I have. I've always wanted to be an actress in movies; that is my biggest dream. I know it's really far out there but maybe someday I will get to be in some small local films at least. If I didn't have this book that I was writing I don't know what I would hold onto or look forward to. Besides my baby of course but I mean, I want to use my creativity and do things with my life.
Some really good movies we have seen lately: Doubt and Valkyrie. Both great movies that I would recommend. Oh and I never said I liked happy movies just a heads up for those who only like the traditional happy endings. Just look at my favorite movies list, i'm pretty sure I cried in all my favorite movies. Except Sword and the Stone and The Man who knew too little of course haha. I didn't cry in the above mentioned movies however; they are just thought provoking and inspirational and especially Doubt was very well acted and just incredible. I'm going to stop now because once I start talking about movies I won't stop. Except right now, I'm stopping.


Strong and determined said...

Ness - How are you feeling now? Hope the morning sickness is finally going away!


Jessie said...

Hey you!'s April now, and I'm in suspense. Boy or girl? I thought for sure I'd have a girl this time around (I'm due end of June), but nope. Another boy. I'm fine with it, just surprised. Anyway - hope all is going well with the pregnancy and everything else!

- Jessie